Welcome to the town of Stockholm, Maine

The town of Stockholm began in 1881. It was first named Upsala after a suburb of Stockholm in old Sweden. Later, probably with aspirations to greatness, the name was changed to Stockholm, after the capital of Sweden.

Early in the town's history, forests, agriculture and the railroad were important. The Madawaska River was dammed and many mills were located nearby. At one time, the Stockholm Lumber Company ran two shifts, each shift sawing 45,000 board feet!

Schools, stores, an apartment house, a boarding house, and several farms sprang up. Two churches were built in the early years, with a third joining them in 1928. There was a band, baseball teams, Odd Fellows Hall, Grange and Eureka Hall; a thriving community. In the 1920's the town reached its peak population of 1,300. After the 1929 stock market crash, many mills closed and the workers left. The town turned to the growing of potatoes. A small amount of lumbering continued.

130 years later finds us a quiet town with many of the same groups working together. The three churches are still active; Eureka Hall, renovated and restored, offers a delightful dining experience. Anderson's grocery has also been restored and now sells gasoline, as well as presenting a corner for a Kaffee Klatsch where world affairs are discussed daily. To everyone's dismay, the school had to close its doors in 2004 and our children are now bused to New Sweden for elementary classes.

The first store in town, Anderson Brothers, is now the property of the Stockholm Historical Society Museum and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The museum has thousands of artifacts and brings many genealogists and history buffs to town.

Stockholm Current Events

  • May 19 Aroostook River Run
  • May 19 Jumble Sale at the Museum
  • June 21 Midsummer Supper at the American Legion June 29 Variety Show at the Legion
  • July 2 Variety Show at the Legion
  • July 4 Swedish Pancake Breakfast at Brigade Lodge, Axel Siding
  • July 4 Parade, Hot dogs and Hamburgers at Legion
  • July 4 Strawberry Shortcake at Knockout Cabin
  • July 4 After dark - Light Parade at Madawaska Lake
  • July 7 Chicken BBQ at St. Theresa's Church

Kayak or canoe down the river from Brigade Bike ride on ATV Trail near Stockholm

Our Seasons

Our scenery is exceptional in any season. In the autumn, a drive down J.P. Sodergren hill and around the corner to Lake Road going into the heart of Stockholm is the best foliage viewing in the Country. In the spring, there are so many shades of green, it's impossible to count. Winter is one beautiful Christmas card scene after another. In summer, there are hundreds of wildflowers growing along the roadsides and in the woods. One visitor couldn't believe her eyes. She danced among the roadside singing "Free Flowers", Free Flowers". Madawaska Stream, a bountiful supply of pure water, flows through the center of town.

We have countless birds to watch and many wild berries to pick: Strawberries in June, raspberries in July, blueberries in August and blackberries in September. As pickers will tell you, "They are all most delicious".

For summer recreation, swimming, water skiing and boating are available only three miles away at Madawaska Lake and 11 miles from Cross Lake which is part of the Fish River chain of lakes. Good fishing abounds in surrounding lakes and nearby brooks.

For the winter sports enthusiasts, Stockholm has plenty of hills for skiing and tobogganing. We are surrounded by wild lands, which having been a game preserve a few years ago, abound with deer, moose, bear, bobcats, rabbits and partridges.