It is a group of 13 to 23 citizens of Aroostook County impaneled to hear evidence about criminal cases. Grand Jury proceedings are SECRET and witnesses testify under oath to questions of the State’s Attorney and the Grand Jurors. Neither the defendant nor the defense counsel is present when witnesses testify before the Grand Jury. The Grand jury members vote, and if 12 or more find probable cause, that the defendant committed a crime, the defendant is indicted. The Grand Jury does not determine innocence or guilt.

District Attorney
Todd Collins

Deputy District Attorney
Kari Wells-Puckett

Assistant District Attorneys
Christiana Rein
Matthew Hunter
Charles Fyler
Ian Anderson

Video: The Role of a Prosecutor
Aroostook County Maine District AttorneyVictim Witness Advocates
Amy Jandreau
Adam Lavioe
Valerie Eldredge
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