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History of Woodland

Woodland was incorporated as a town on March 5, l880, the name being descriptive of a land abounding in wood. The naming Woodland from No. 14 Township was said to have been by Mrs. J.G. Thayer and her daughter Percees, at a regular town meeting. The town was first surveyed by Edwin C. Burleigh on November 28, 1877 and found to include 34,102 square miles.

Snowman School Houseschool

The schoolhouse was built in 1895 by carpenter and school teacher David Snowman and was named the Snowman Schoolhouse after him. He was assisted with the schoolhouse project by his two sons, Walter and George Snowman.

David Snowman also served as one of the town's selectmen, served as Superintendent of schools and other civil affairs of the town. He was the last remaining veteran of the Civil War in Aroostook County.

The Snowman School house has historical importance as it is the only original one-room school house left in the community. Other one-room school houses have either been torn down or converted into garages or homes.

The School house has been kept in its original state of past years including the box type stove in the center of the room. The museum has antiques and historical items donated by townspeople and others.

Lagerstrom Househouse

Ten acres of land was purchased by Samuel Hammer from James Cochran on December 16, 1895 for $150.00 and the house was constructed by Julius Hammer for his mother and father. On September 28, 1900, the house and land was sold to Carl Backstrom (Beckstrom) for $800.00 and on February 16, 1903, house and land was sold to Carl Lagerstrom, Sr. for $1,200.00

Carl Lagerstrom, Sr. and Emma Hallstrom were married November 3, 1903 in Caribou. Mildred Lagerstrom was born in the house on December 10, 1904 and Carl Lagerstrom was born in the house on April 21, 1908. Carl and Emma lived in the house till about 1943, then they would spend the winters at their son's home in Caribou. Carl Lagerstrom, Sr. died August 12, 1947 on his 86th birthday. His wife Emma died May 28th, 1950 at the age of 80.

After their parents died, Carl Lagerstrom gave his half of the property to his sister, Mildred. Mildred who worked in Boston, Massachusetts, would live in the house during part of the summer until 1985. The barn was torn down in the 1950's. The property was purchased from Mildred by her niece and nephew, Priscilla Lagerstrom Walther and John Lagerstrom on November 17, 1994.

The property was donated to the Woodland Historical Society by Priscilla Lagerstrom Walther and John Lagerstrom in memory of their grandparents, Carl and Emma Lagerstrom, on October 29, 1996.

The Snowman Schoolhouse is open to the public, Sundays 1 - 4 p.m starting Memorial weekend and throughout June. After that by appointment.

The Lagerstrom House is open to the public, Sunday 1 - 4 p.m. during July and August or by appointment

For more information or to visit these historical buildings, please contact one of these gracious volunteers.

Herb & Janet Ketch (207) 498-8430
Linda Norsworthy (207) 498-3081
Verna Espling (207) 493-4478