Aroostook County Quick Facts

  • Aroostook County Population: 67,959 - US Census Bureau Data 2010.
  • Population is 5.4% of the State's total population.
  • Originally part of Washington and Penobscot Counties.
  • Aroostook is named for an Indian word meaning "beautiful river".
  • Incorporated March 16, 1839.
  • Contains 2 cities, 55 towns, 11 plantations, and 110 unorganized townships.
  • Density is 11.1 persons per square mile.
  • Area - 6,672 square miles (21.6% of the state's area): 89% of the County's area is forest, 1% lakes, ponds and rivers, 10% cultivated farmland.
  • Houlton is the Aroostook County seat, with offices in Caribou and Fort Kent.
  • Maine's northernmost county bordered to the east, west and north by Canada.
  • Aroostook County is larger than Connecticut and Rhode Island combined.
  • Major crops: broccoli, potatoes, hay, small grain rotation crops.
  • Site of two transatlantic balloon crossing launch sites.
  • Aroostook County is home to the Allagash Wilderness Waterway.


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